The Blockfills team has over 100 years of combined experience in technology, trading and banking at some of the world’s largest and most prestigious institutions.

We have leveraged this experience to democratize digital asset trading by combining years of domain expertise with cutting edge technology and unrivaled liquidity, providing market participants with the best electronic crypto currency liquidity across time zones and geographies.


Blockfills is the first electronic, off exchange, digital liquidity provider operating using an electronic communication network model (“ECN”). We provide aggressive streaming liquidity aggregation solutions, some of the deepest liquidity in world and cutting edge technologies to deploy this liquidity to end-users anonymously in an impactful way.

Blockfills sources its’ liquidity from the world’s largest non-bank trading institutions. We then match our clients to the best available price across our liquidity pools while completely eliminating the heavy lifting of sourcing price discovery. In addition, we offer the high touch support and professional market insight that is impossible to find at online exchanges while saving our clients time and money.

Our Clients

Strategic Partners


Transfers for transactions using USD are processed safely and securely by FDIC Insured United States Banks. No transactions are co-mingled with working capital of the firm.


We use custodian banks situated in the United States and Europe. The U.S. based banks we use are fully FDIC insured and held to specific capital reserve requirements.

Benefits Include:


We safely and securely custody your crypto currencies through industry leading third-party hot wallet or cold storage providers. Our crypto custody partner is considered as the industry standard and processes over $15 Billion worth of digital assets per month.